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You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
A Neeraja jabalpur 90XXXXXX22 Rs.16,978.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Abhishek kumar New Delhi 98XXXXXX38 Rs.11,205.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
Akshita Mapari Assonora 80XXXXXX63 Rs.18,621.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
Amitkumar Dhanyakumar Upadhye Pune 99XXXXXX22 Rs.14,588.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
angom sachin kumar meitei imphal 97XXXXXX54 Rs.11,280.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
Archana Moradabad 97XXXXXX37 Rs.17,297.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Arjun singh tomar Aligarh 70XXXXXX53 Rs.3,792.00 Money Order 23-01-2021
Asha Ghosh KOLKATA 80XXXXXX60 Rs.9,343.00 Money Order 23-01-2021
ASWINI PRASAD JAMSHEDPUR 84XXXXXX51 Rs.18,508.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
Balbir singh Jammu 98XXXXXX00 Rs.12,390.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Bharathi Priya Pattukkottai 89XXXXXX14 Rs.7,049.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Bincy MT chalakudy 90XXXXXX21 Rs.14,217.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
ch.surendar zaherabad 96XXXXXX89 Rs.2,691.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
Deepak Kumar Alwar 85XXXXXX16 Rs.14,239.00 Money Order 23-01-2021
DIGANTA DAS PATHSALA 82XXXXXX78 Rs.12,928.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Dinesh.yadav Achalda 90XXXXXX78 Rs.15,421.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
farhan khan hasan khan digras 75XXXXXX27 Rs.15,529.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Geedishilpa Jammikunta 98XXXXXX70 Rs.9,077.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
GONE PRAMOD WARANGAL 86XXXXXX14 Rs.5,509.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
guncha gaya 88XXXXXX70 Rs.10,195.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
hemant jalandhar 85XXXXXX80 Rs.11,194.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
Jyoti Roy Purnea 90XXXXXX69 Rs.19,185.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
kondur praneeth Hyderabad 98XXXXXX70 Rs.7,693.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
Lavesh sule mumbai 98XXXXXX07 Rs.4,237.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
MARUTHI PHANINDRA M GUNTUR 83XXXXXX11 Rs.9,775.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Masab izhar Rampur 98XXXXXX61 Rs.5,384.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
MEMON KAIYUM A. HIMMATNAGAR 94XXXXXX86 Rs.19,078.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
MOHAMMED SHAFEER CM PERINTHALMANNA 90XXXXXX73 Rs.10,427.00 Money Order 23-01-2021
Mohit gandhi Rohini 99XXXXXX58 Rs.10,211.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
monika jain indore 96XXXXXX75 Rs.8,346.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
mukesh kumar mainpuri 99XXXXXX89 Rs.18,841.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
NITIN KUMAR KARNAL 90XXXXXX26 Rs.6,371.00 Money Order 23-01-2021
Omveer singh Bahafurgarh 93XXXXXX67 Rs.16,160.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
patel bharatbhai ramabhai modasa 70XXXXXX16 Rs.6,929.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Pawan kumar choubey Gurgaon 98XXXXXX71 Rs.4,427.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
puspesh kumar sharma kharagpur 94XXXXXX16 Rs.15,749.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Ram Krishna Dixit Lucknow 77XXXXXX72 Rs.2,706.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Sachin thomas george Alappuzha 82XXXXXX27 Rs.12,365.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
Sandeep nayak Harpalpur 72XXXXXX40 Rs.5,514.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
sanket deshmukh nagpur 96XXXXXX45 Rs.5,554.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
Savita Chaudhary Bhilai 83XXXXXX04 Rs.8,957.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
shaik masthan valli piler 99XXXXXX16 Rs.5,250.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Shalini chaturvedi Ghaziabad 95XXXXXX79 Rs.3,868.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
SHIBU.K Gudallur, The Nilgiris (dt) 95XXXXXX72 Rs.12,556.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
shiva muktsar 96XXXXXX22 Rs.10,484.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Subhadeep Dutta Durgapur 91XXXXXX67 Rs.2,756.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
supriya Amol Mardane sangli 75XXXXXX88 Rs.2,033.00 Cheque 23-01-2021
veerappa bangalore 99XXXXXX97 Rs.19,000.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
vijayalakshmi.posina visakapatnam 85XXXXXX44 Rs.7,300.00 Bank Transfer 23-01-2021
Yashavantha Bantwal 90XXXXXX78 Rs.14,432.00 Paytm 23-01-2021
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